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Some Funny Laws In Florida

The law tends to be boring but if you read it long enough you can find an occasional gem. As a criminal defense attorney I have to be familiar with the various statutes that individuals find themselves on the wrong side of (allegedly). Some of the statutes and punishments are just plain bizarre. At times you can clearly see lobbying efforts succeed in statutes or punishment. I will point out anything odd and will add content as I discover it and dedicate a page to it. We will maintain a safe for work enviroment so no worries about getting fired for anything other than wasting time.

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The emphasis of the site will be on Florida criminal law. I also might comment on news stories about legal issues to give an insiderís perspective. As a former prosecutor and defense attorney I have had an opportunity to observe the law from both sides. I will maintain anonymity of any clients that inspire a page. Most of the content will look at stupid legislation or punishment rather than actions of clients. I find it more amusing when a majority of 40 Florida Senators and a majority of 120 members of The Florida House of Representatives do something that is not exactly brilliant.

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