Seriously Florida Funny Legal Issues In Florida

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It all started when I went on craigslist to look for some items for the house. I stumbled across this funny add in Orlando and thought I would share it. I have removed the email address and town for privacy purposes. The listing was still active in the Orlando area as of 5:00pm on 2/26/2012.

If you are unable to read the text it says "3 light chandelier for sale. Works great but moved a table and my wife kept headbutting it. The lights fine but her head is questionable. The light has been removed because when your wife runs into a light it is clearly the lights fault. Looking for a home with taller ceilings, a shorter wife and $25. We will not require verification of ceiling or wife height prior to purchase". You have to love craigslist. It combines hatred, porn, prostitution, comedy, creepy people and cheap stuff all in the same place.

funny craigslist add

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