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Seat Belt Ticket Irony

Florida Seatbelt Ticket Irony

In Florida you are required to wear a seat belt unless your doctor says itís bad for you, you are a garbage collector or deliver newspapers. ď316.614(6)(a) Neither a person who is certified by a physician as having a medical condition that causes the use of a safety belt to be inappropriate or dangerous nor an employee of a newspaper home delivery service while in the course of his or her employment delivering newspapers on home delivery routes is required to be restrained by a safety belt. 316.614 (b)?An employee of a solid waste or recyclable collection service is not required to be restrained by a safety belt while in the course of employment collecting solid waste or recyclables on designated routes.Ē If you deliver the mail apparently you better click it or ticket. I think a seat belt law is somewhat understandable although $116ish fine makes it a bit profitable for the state. The meeting with a cop on the side of the road and a $25 fine would probably be sufficient.

Whatís odd about Florida law is that if you drive a car the state is like an over protective mother but if you ride a motorcycle you are free to run into a brick wall with your safety goggles and speedos. Seat belts are not required and might not be helpful but if proper steps are taken a helmet is not required. If a rider has $10,000 of insurance for injuries of a crash and is over the age of 21 a helmet is not
necessary. So basically if youíre in a car you have to be safe. If youíre on a motorcycle and have some insurance Florida will not act like an overprotective parent and force you to wear a helmet. The question is why canít you buy insurance to not wear a seatbelt? If itís for safety why donít I have to wear a helmet?

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