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When I Type God I Get Godaddy

GoDaddy Is God Or Bob Parsons Is God

Running Google Chrome when I need to go to Google I can type go and auto fill takes over. If I want to go to GoDaddy I type god. This confused me because I was surprised that GoDaddy is God. After much deep thought (about 3 seconds) I came to the conclusion that Bob Parsons must be the real God. It all started to make sense. He is worth 1.5 billion, has hot women on his commercials, can shoot an elephants, outranks Wikipedia for his own name and he has an attractive wife despite the fact that he is old (not that uncommon but if I was God my wife would be attractive). The proof is in the pictures. What is even better is that I am clearly not going to hell because I have a Godaddy account.

GoDaddy God

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